The Baluba Foundation

Growing Food, Growing People, Growing Communities

‘The Baluba Foundation’ is a charity founded by the owner of KCJ Gifts; Joanne Slamon, following her mission trip to Zambia in May 2018.

Whilst on Mission in Zambia, we noticed how many children in the village of Baluba turned up at lunchtime to be fed by the feeding programme. After discussion with Bishop John Kiseba, we were informed that the school is currently full to capacity and they cannot accommodate any more children.

Growing People: Building a School

This is where our vision to build a school began. We are doubling the capacity of the current school to enable more children to receive an education.

The school will cost around £10,000 to build. Therefore we are selling 1000 bricks at £10 each which will enable us to build the school to completion. We also want to build two flushable toilets within the school which is classed as a luxury in Zambia. The current school has an outdoor toilet (which is essentially an open hole in the ground within an outbuilding for privacy). Therefore we are looking to accommodate funds to provide a septic tank enabling these toilet facilities.

Growing Food: Supporting the Feeding Programme

The second part of the project is to ‘Sew a Seed’ where we are visiting schools (currently in the north west region of the UK) and ‘sewing seeds’ within children and young people to become mission orientated. We are encouraging schools to partner with us by providing seeds to enable further growth of produce within the farm.

Growing People and Communities: Sponsor a Child

In the Baluba school, over 90% of the children are orphaned due to the HIV/Aids virus or Malaria. Orphaned children migrate to live in the cities as street kids. Bishop John encourages the local community to come together and the children who attend the school live with a ‘Guardian’ who allows them to sleep on their floor at night so they have a ‘home’ to go to (rather than live on the streets). There are no orphanages in Zambia due to the sheer volume of orphaned children. The community of Baluba is very poor and families cannot afford to feed their children, let alone feed another child. John feeds the orphans through the feeding programme and this is the only food they receive on a daily basis. We want to ensure that every child receives a healthy, nutritious meal each day- providing them with a balance of carbohydrates, protein and vegetables.

£10 feeds one child for a month.

£20 will feed a child for a month, and it will also provide an orphaned child with a school uniform and school books. We want to work at providing these children with clothes and shoes as they only own the clothes they wear and many don’t have a pair of shoes (see KCJ Projects as we provided 160 pairs of shoes for the school children in Baluba in Nov ’17).

Please gift aid any donations you make to The Baluba Foundation as you will enable us to pay for the running of the charity as 100% of your donation goes exactly where we tell you it does.

We believe in full transparency- being a charity with a difference.

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