Projects in Zambia

In May 2018, KCJ Gifts owner Joanne visited Zambia as part of a missions team. We visited the schools and the feeding programme to observe exactly what work they do and how we can use KCJ Projects to really change lives on a larger scale.

Each KCJ Project that we develop has been meticulously designed and developed to have the most impact and benefit the most children.

 In Zambia, receiving an education is not free and parents pay for their children to attend school. Even if they manage to get a free school place, parents end up incurring costs to pay for books, uniforms etc. which mounts up fast. The province where the two ‘Stir the Fire’ schools are based is the former copperbelt region of Ndola and many villages surrounding the city are poverty stricken. Most people in both villages where the schools are can’t afford to feed their children, let alone pay for school. John founded the school in Twapia to provide a free education to children who can’t afford it.

 In Zambia, there are no orphanages and there is a high mortality rate due to the HIV/AIDS virus and Malaria. Children who are orphaned end up migrating to the cities and living as ‘street kids’ in underground communities and begging for food on the streets. The ministry feels very strongly about trying to prevent this from happening when it is within their control. John has spent time speaking with families in the church communities and encouraging people to become ‘guardians’ for children when their parents pass away. A lot of guardians can’t afford to feed their own children, let alone have an extra mouth to feed. Most guardians allow the children to come into their home to sleep at night and they leave again in the morning. The ministry agreed to feed the children- this is where the feeding programme was born. Every child in both schools receive a meal at lunch time every day and as both schools are running at capacity, other orphaned children from the villages come for food as well as they would not get fed otherwise. The feeding programme currently feeds around 350 children every day.


Stir the Fire Ministries Zambia

 ‘Stir the Fire Ministries’ consists of a network of 7 churches. The ministries are headed up by Bishop John Kiseba and his wife Judith.

They also run two schools- one in Twapia and one in Beluba. Both schools are currently running at full capacity, providing an education to 300 children. Most of the children are orphans and/or come from a very deprived background. A feeding programme is run from both schools feeding around 350 children every day.